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XPO Gives Honor To Drivers With Over Three Million Safe Miles

XPO Logistics Honors Drivers who hit three million safe miles in 2020.

GREENWICH, Conn. — Recently, XPO Logistics Inc honored ten drivers who hit the three million safe driving miles mark. The global supply chain solution provider announced the less-than-truckload drivers for the last six months of 2020.

Drivers receiving this honor are:

  • Joe Caliri of Ohio
  • Charles Dangerfield of Virginia
  • Craig Boyd of Tennessee
  • Ronald Boring of Tennessee
  • Vincent Black of Georgia
  • Dale Pritchett of Texas
  • Lee Redfearn of Carolina
  • Samuel Gleason of Pennsylvania
  • Michael Stirewalt of North Carolina

Chief Human Resources Officer for XPO Logistics, Josephine Berisha, made this statement. “We’re extremely proud of our entire LTL team and their commitment to our safety culture. The high caliber of our drivers and our investments in technology are ensuring that every mile driven for our customers is as productive as possible. We congratulate all of our million-milers for being among the best of the best.”

Besides the ten drivers who surpassed the three million accident free miles, there were sixteen drivers who reached two million safe miles and 125 who reached one million safe miles. They are all employed by XPO in the company’s North American less-than-truckload fleet. This brings the total number of drivers honored by XPO to a record of 230 drivers in 2020.

As a collective, these drivers totaled 290 miles accident free. To showcase this, that is equal to flying to the moon and back 583 times, circling the world 11,646 times, and three trips to the sun.

On average, it takes drivers about a decade to achieve one million safe driving miles with no accidents. XPO tracks a driver’s accident free miles as part of their Road to Zero, the company’s comprehensive safety program.

XPO has a national network of 290 service centers with approximately 12,000 professional drivers. They provide North America with LTL ( less-than-truckload) transportation.


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