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When it comes to the business side of the trucking industry, ProDriverTools is a goldmine of industry news, educational information, and useful tools to provide assistance to owner operators and small fleet owners wanting to grow their trucking business. Whether you're new to trucking or a seasoned professional who's been in the business for years, we're here to provide tools and offer information that can assist you in learning new ways to improve your business, make you more profitable — so you can enjoy the industry even more.

With an emphasis on education, ProDriverTools can help you work toward obtaining your CDL while our news section keeps you current on the latest information about the trucking industry. Combine this with our growing collection of user tools, including our Break-Even Calculator, and it can be easier to conduct day-to-day business while quickly adapting to changes geared toward making you as profitable as possible.

If it makes cents, we want you to know — you’ll find it here.

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Latest Industry News

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Biden Infrastructure Plan Could Receive Funding From VMT Tax

March 29, 2021     3 Comments
Discussion of a Vehicle Miles Traveled tax is ongoing during the talks for funding the new infrastructure plan being proposed by the Biden Administration.

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