Truckers Breakeven Calculator

Truckers Breakeven Calculator

The breakeven calculator on is a simple way to calculate how much net earnings you need to cover your expenses.

Here’s how it works….Simply enter in your monthly truck payment, trailer and other equipment payments, and your insurance payment. If you pay your insurance semi-annually or annually, you will want to figure out what that cost is per month and enter that number in. Next, enter in your average monthly office and supplies costs, licenses (if paid annually, make sure to calculate what the monthly cost is by dividing by 12) and finally there's a field for any other monthly expenses you can think of.

Once you've filled in this information and click Calculate Break-Even Point, you'll see exactly what you need to net to meet your obligations. With this number, you will want to add on how much you'd like to take home each month, and that will be your monthly goal.

Monthly Expenses


Once you've entered in the fields above, click this button to calculate your break-even point.