Trucking Deadhead Cost Calculator

Trucking Deadhead Cost Calculator

Some will say that’s just the cost of doing business, but every time you deadhead it's costs money. If it costs money to do business, You need to find a way to recover as much of that cost as you can. We created this tool so you can see just how much it’s costing you to drive your truck empty, no matter the distance. You need to know this information so that can be included in your bid price for your every load you haul.

Believe me, It costs you money to run your truck down the road. Your time, wear and tear on the truck, fuel, insurance and more. Make sure you’re allowing for all your expenses. A good percentage to calculate for your truck maintenance per load would be between 10-15% depending on the condition of your truck. Your time is worth at least 50 to 75% of what the fuel cost will be. You can put in any number you want and add as much to your bid as you like, but don’t disregard this number because it's real money out of your pocket and it can eventually become a huge problem if not kept in check.

Give our Deadhead Calculator a try and see how much you’ve been losing.  After entering all your information, you'll get a breakdown of your fuel, maintenance, and time. Giving a read out of your estimated total cost for when you deadhead.

Fill it out see how much money you've been leaving on the table!


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