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Flatbedding Advice

Wolfgang A.
August 04, 2021 8:47 PM

Hello, I'd like to reach out and ask for some advice regarding getting into flatbedding. I have 4 years experience working otr with a mega carrier and an ready to become an owner operator. I'd like work in flatbedding because I believe the work will be more fulfilling and better paying than van. However, I don't have any personal flatbedding experience and it seems daunting to become an owner operator at the same time as switching divisions. Landstar told me that they offer a 2 day course in load securement but that doesn't seem adequate. On the other hand working as a company driver for a flatbed company just to learn the basics when I'm ready to move to the next level seems like a waste as well. Does anyone know a good option to get enough training to start hauling flatbed. Or is a 2 day class and plenty of YouTube tutorials enough to start out if you're already proficient in driving the truck. Thanks for your consideration.

Matt S.
August 08, 2021 12:51 PM

Somethings you have to learn hands on brother, they could put you in a classroom for a month and you still wouldn't see everything you're going to come up against in the open deck world, all you can really do is jump in there and get after it, YouTube is a great resource when you find yourself up against something you're unsure of, also get plenty of phone numbers of experienced guy's to call when you're not sure and ask/ watch other drivers at pick up locations...

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