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Trucker Freight Rates Calculator - Don't lose money on loads

How much should you quote for your next load?

As a Trucker, do you get paid for ALL the miles you travel? Be sure you include the deadhead miles you travel for each load every time for every load. As an owner operator, each mile costs you money and it doesn't matter if you're empty, or loaded. Yes, loaded miles do cost more because you have the added weight, but money is money, and you're giving money away if you’re not factoring in the deadhead cost to pick up a load when offering a rate.

Use the tool below to calculate the correct rate you should be offering, including your deadhead miles to help make you profitable on every load you haul.

Although the calculator is straightforward and self-explanatory, here is how it works.

If you have taken the time to determine your hard costs to operate, enter the per mile amount it costs you to deadhead into the Price Per Mile of the Deadhead section of the tool and the number of miles you will deadhead on the trip your next run.

In the Loaded section, enter the rate you determined you need to be charging per loaded mile and the number of loaded miles of the upcoming load you want to put a rate on, then simply hit the calculate button.

Your breakdown price and the total rate you should charge will be displayed in the summary.