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What's the best camera big strappers??

Matt S.
June 23, 2021 11:05 AM

What camera are you guys using to film your YouTube videos??

and or what are some you would recommend for starting out?

Matt S.
August 01, 2021 2:22 PM

Thanks for answering this question in your Video Brian I truly Appreciate it, after 30+ years in the game I think I have something  to offer the new guys so I'm going to give it a go coming up...

Long story real short I just retired From UPS after 20+ of those 30+ years dragging triples around for them and I going to buy my own truck and go back to OTR , well kinda I don't really need to work but I still love it, however I will probably run less hard than Sammy does since i don't really need the money lolll (hobby trucker? I don't  know lollll)

I have a lot of knowledge I would like to share and since Landstar says I'm not qualified enough for them with 30 years experience, no tickets in over 5 years and NO accidents EVER! I want to do a step by step video series on getting your own Athority and starting out with a new MC#

Anyways thanks 

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